Ethics Committee training Program.

Basic responsibility is to ensure an independent, competent and timely review of all ethical aspects of the project proposals received in order to safeguard the dignity, rights, safety and well-being of all research participants. Join Techmed Academy for Ethics Committee training in Jayanagar. Call now +91 6364148004.

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Ethics Committee training Program in Bangalore

    This course is an intensive program for those who want to play an active role as ethics committee members in India.
Ethics Committee training in Bangalore

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Ethics Committee training Program.

  • 8 Hours 06 Assignments
To ensure the protection of the rights, safety and wellbeing of human subjects involved in clinical trials, the Institutional Review board or ethics committee requires informed medical, scientific, and non-scientific members.
Study Design

  • 10 Hours 10 Assignments
The scientific design and conduct of the study should also be reviewed at the outset as poor science is poor ethics
Each ethics committee has their own standard operating procedures (SOPs) for proper functioning & are responsible for carrying out the review of proposed research before the commencement of the research.
The appropriateness of the study design in relation to the objectives of the study, the statistical methodology (including sample size calculation) and the potential for reaching sound conclusions with the smallest number of research participants should be assessed.

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