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  • Industry recognised Techmed Certificate
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  • Case Studies and Projects
  • One-on-One with Industry Mentors
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UI | UX Designing Course in Bangalore

    Elements of User Experience, Empathy, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Prototype, User Testing, Visual Design and more.
    User Experience (UX) Designer, User Interface (UI) Designer, Graphic Designer.
    Designers, Developers, Brand Manager & Web Designers.
    Bachelor’s or Equivalent Degree & Master Degree.
Best UI Designing Course in Jayanagar,

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Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of classes, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions


  • 3 Weeks 20 Assignments
Designing Tools:

  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD & InDesign
Preface - The Anatomy of the Course

  • 3 Weeks 10 Assignments
Introduction to User Experience Course
Who will benefit from this course and how?
What you need to know before you start?
How do we use Technology?

  • 2 Weeks 10 Assignments
Using web today
Our devices – PC, Mobile, Tablet and more.
Technology and Design Thinking
Introduction to Elements of User Experience

  • 3 Weeks 20 Assignments
User needs and product objectives
JFeatures and Functionality
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
User Interface Design
Navigation Design
Information Design
Visual Design
Empathy - Who is the User?

  • 2 Weeks 10 Assignments
Defining user segments for a Product
Surveys, Interviews and Focus Groups
User Persona
User Journey and Storytelling
Exercise – Persona and User Journey
Definition of the Product

  • 1 Weeks 05 Assignments
Problem Statement – What is troubling your user?
Product Objectives – Why do you need the product?
Useful and Usable – Features and Functionality
Exercise – Feature Functionality Matrix
Information Architecture - The Map

  • 2 Weeks 10 Assignments
Mapping Hierarchies
Mapping Business Processes
The Concept Map and Site Map
Exercise – Site Map
Interaction Design

  • 10 Hours 05 Assignments
Mapping User Task Flows
Blind Prototypes
Exercise – Blind Prototype
Prototype - User Interface Design & Navigation

  • 2 Weeks 15 Assignments
Understanding Page Elements
Content Structure
Best Practices in Navigation
Wireframes and Clickable Prototypes
Exercise - Wireframes/Prototypes
User Testing

  • 2 Weeks 10 Assignments
Preparing for User Tests – Task Flows
Simple and Conventional
Exercise – Wireframes/Prototypes
Information And Visual Design

  • 3 Weeks 20 Assignments
Six Pillars of Branding
Elements of Visual Design
Imagery and Style
Information Design with Colour, Imagery and Style
Page Design

  • 2 Weeks 10 Assignments
Site Map and Content Inventory
Content Strategy and Curation
Content Schema and Structure
Instructional Content
Yhe Product

  • 1 Weeks 05 Assignments
Experience outside the Product
User Acquisition and Retention
The Future of User Experience
Career Setup

  • 2 Weeks 10 Assignments
Freelancing Career
Preparing a Creative Resume
Interview Preparation

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Every student wants to follow a success oriented carrier which can provide them a satisfactory profession.
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If you want to return to the workforce, you have to manage and overcome the unspoken assumptions about who you are and what you’re capable of.
We, Techmed lay out very clearly what you have learned about managing, inside or outside of a professional setting.

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