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A significant number of handheld systems such as smart phones and tablets today run on Android platform and the number is growing. The Android Platform is backed by industry leaders like Google and will remain the platform of choice for a majority of Mobile devices. High-Quality & Affordable Courses-Start Your Course Today. Techmed Academy Best Android Training Institute located in Jayanagar Bangalore offers certification oriented Android Training in Bangalore.

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  • Industry recognised Techmed Certificate
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  • Case Studies and Projects
  • One-on-One with Industry Mentors
  • Personalised Resume Feedback
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PG Diploma in Web Technologies in Bangalore

    Android development, Android studio, Create fun, Engaging and real world Android apps (using Java), How to work with APIs, web services and advanced databases, Earn money from your app, Freelancing career in Android and more.
    Mobile Architect, Android Engineer, Android Developer, Mobile Lead Software Engineer, Mobile Embedded Software Engineer and more.
    UI|UX Designers, Backend Developers, Freshers, Entrepreneurs, Developers and more.
    Bachelor’s or Equivalent Degree & Master Degree (With basic knowledge of Java).
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Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of classes, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

Introducing Android Computing Platform

  • 8 Hours 03 Assignments
What is Android?
What is Mobile Application Development?
Why is Android important for mobile Apps?
History of Android?
Android versions and levels?
Elements of Android Architecture

  • 1 Weeks 05 Assignments
Android Applications
Android Application Framework
Core Api’s and native Libraries
Dalvik VM
Linux Kernal
Installation of Android Development Environment

  • 4 Hours 02 Assignments
Installing and working with JDK1.8
Android Software Development Kit and Android Studio
Understanding Android Resources

  • 1 Weeks 15 Assignments
String Resources
Layout Resources
Raw Resources
Image and colour Resources
Android Main Building Blocks

  • 1 Weeks 15 Assignments
Activity and Life Cycle of Activity
Broad cost receivers
Content providers
Building UI Using Controls

  • 1 Weeks 20 Assignments
Understanding Views and View Hierarchy
Basics of Android intents
Handling UI Events using Listeners
UI Development in XML
UI Development in CodeText Controls
Button Controls
Date & time Controls
MapView Controls
Styles and Themes
Understanding Layout Managers
Working with Audio and Video
Input Controls and Input Events

  • 1 Weeks 10 Assignments
Button, Image Button
Text View
Edit Text, Auto Complete Text View
Checkbox, Radio Button
Spinner, Seek bar
Date Pickers, Time Picker
Image View
MapView Controls
Radio Group, Toggle Button
Working with Menus

  • 8 Hours 10 Assignments
Creating menus icon menus
Sub menus loading menus through the XML file

  • 01 Week 10 Assignments
Media Player
Working with Dialogs

  • 4 Hours 05 Assignments
User Dialogs
Managed Dialogs Toast
SQLite Database

  • 1 Weeks 15 Assignments
What is SQLite
Creating Database
Working with Database CRUD operations
Working with cursors
Content Providers

  • 1 Week 15 Assignments
Sharing Data between Applications
Searching for content
Adding and removing content
Working with content files
Custom content providers
Broad Cast Receivers

  • 8 Hours 10 Assignments
Basics of Broadcast Receivers
Implementation of Broad cost receivers
Networking and Web API

  • 02 Weeks 15 Assignments
Mobile Networking Accessing web using HTTP
Web View

  • 01 Week 10 Assignments
Introduction to sensors
Sensor Implementation
Listening to sensor readings
Location Services & GPS

  • 01 Week 08 Assignments
Working with GPS
Working with Location Managers
Geo-coding & mapping Locations
Working with Notification managers
Bluetooth & Telephony-calls & SMS

  • 10 Hours 08 Assignments
Communication over Bluetooth
Managing Bluetooth Connections
Making & Receiving Phone Calls
Sending & Receiving SMS
Working with Webservices

  • 1 Weeks 10 Assignments
Understanding web services
Accessing web services
Web services implementation JSON

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Every student wants to follow a success oriented carrier which can provide them a satisfactory profession.
Techmed carrier council help them to realize their dreams by providing various opportunities in terms of placement and career guidance.

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If you want to return to the workforce, you have to manage and overcome the unspoken assumptions about who you are and what you’re capable of.
We, Techmed lay out very clearly what you have learned about managing, inside or outside of a professional setting.

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