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  • Digital Marketing course Certifications from Google and Facebook
  • Digital Marketing course online Case Studies and Projects
  • digital marketing  in Bangalore 2 Live Campaigns with an Actual Budget
  • digital marketing  in jayanagar One-on-One with Industry Mentors
  • best digital marketing courses in Bangalore Personalised Resume Feedback
  • Digital Marketing course Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers

Advance Diploma in Digital Marketing in Bengalore

    SEO, SEM, Social Media and Content Marketing, Branding, Marketing Analytics.
    Digital Marketing Manager, SEM Manager, SEO Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Writer, PPC Expert and More.
    Freshers, Traditional Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Branding Manager, Sales Professionals, Marketing Experts.
    Bachelor’s or Equivalent Degree & Master Degree.
Digital Marketing course online

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Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of classes, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

Digital Marketing Overview

  • 1 Weeks 02 Assignments
Introduction to Digital Marketing
Why Digital Marketing only choice?
Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
Understanding Traffic, Rank, Branding, Leads etc.
Website, Blogs, Vlogs, Portal & Search Engine Explanation.
Understanding Domain, Hosting & Server.
Benefits of Digital Marketing.
Understanding Automation in Digital Marketing.
Digital Marketing Career.
Q&A Sessions.
Website Designing using CMS

  • 2 Weeks 02 Assignments
Basic Information of Websites
Basics of CMS
Use of WordPress CMS?
WordPress Installation
Understanding the Dashboard
SEO specific plugins
Web site Concepts
All about Domain names
Choosing a right hosting company and domain
CSS Buttons & Multiple Columns
Analysing the Website
Web site maintenance and management
Chat, Popup, Contact form & Email Subscription
Plugin Installation & Configuration (multiple)
WordPress Website Security
Backup & Restore of a Website
Final Website Design Project using WordPress
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • 3 Weeks 10 Assignments
Introduction to Search Engine & It’s Types.
How Search Engine Works?
Understanding Search Algorithms
What is Search Engine Optimisation?
Website Indexing Search Engines
Google Webmasters Tools
Understanding Keywords & It’s Important
SEO Copy writing Techniques
On page & Off Page Optimisation
Link Building Strategies
Local SEO Optimisation
UI/UX – Optimisation
Website Structure Optimisation.
Schema Data Implementation.
404 Errors, Sitemap, Robot Txt
Technical SEO Optimisation
Black Hat & Grey Hat SEO Techniques
SEO Tools, Tricks & Strategies
Measuring SEO Performance & Reporting
Social Media Marketing

  • 3 Weeks 20 Assignments
What is Social Media & It’s Importance?
Social Media Optimisation vs Marketing
Primary Social Media Platform for Business
Social Media & Business Branding
How Social Media Impact Site Ranking in Search
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus & Pinterest
Setting Up Business Page/Profile on Primary Channels/Profile Optimization
Different Features available for Business (explanation of all platform)
Social Media Post & Graphics Designing Tools
Increasing Likes, Followers & Post Engagement
Social Media Extensions & Plugins for Website Integration
Understanding Social Media Influence
Understanding Earning Opportunity from Social Media
Social Media Open Graph Meta Data
Advertisement Account Setup on all Platforms
Overview of all Features in Ads Dashboard
Understanding Ad Campaign Structures
Creating Sponsored Ad Campaign
Understanding Pixel & Remarketing
Social Media Management Tools
Social Media Etiquettes (Do & Don'ts)
Question - Answer to recapture all you have learned.
Google AdWords (PPC)

  • 4 Weeks 05 Assignments
Introduction to google AdWords (PPC)
Understanding concept of Online Advertisement
How Google AdWords program works?
Google AdWords Ads & Ad Networks Types
Google AdWords Campaign Types
Google AdWords Express Vs Regular AdWords
Understanding Pricing Model
What is CPC, CPM, & CPA Ads
Billing and Payment Settings
AdWords User Dashboard Overview
Keywords & Customer Research
Understanding Keyword Match Types
AdWords Account Structure
Creating Search Campaigns
Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads (explanation)
Display Campaign Creation
Video Campaigns
AdWords Shopping Ads
Mobile App Installation Ad Campaign
Google AdWords Extensions
Mobile Device Targeting
AdWords Bidding Types & Strategies
Landing Pages Best Practice
Conversion Tracking Code Setup
Remarketing Ads in AdWords
Campaigns & Ads Optimization
Understanding Ad Ranking
Google AdWords Tools & 3rd Party Tools
Google Analytics -AdWords Integration
Measuring Ads Result Matrix
Google AdWords Reporting
Understanding Ad Policy and Rules
Google AdWords Exam & Certification
Question-Answer session to clear doubt & recapture everything
Affiliate Marketing

  • 3 Weeks 05 Assignments
Overview of Affiliate Marketing
Sources to Make Money Online
Why Affiliate is Evergreen Option
Requirements to Become an Affiliate Marketer
Affiliate Program Selection (niche selection)
Applying an Affiliate Program
Building Assets for Affiliate Promotion
Payment & Pay-outs Settings
CPC, CPA, CPI & Other Metrics
Promoting Affiliate Products
SEO Strategies for Affiliates
Blogging for Affiliate Promotion
Different ways to Monetize Your Affiliate Site
Affiliate Marketing Extensions & Plugins
Performance Metrics Analyzation
Affiliate Marketing Networks
Affiliate Marketing Tools of the Trade
Q&A Session to re-capture & clear doubts
Professional Blogging

  • 4 Weeks 04 Assignments
What is Blog & Blogging?
Business Blogging Vs Blogging for Earning
Why You Start a Blog
3rd Party Blog Platform Vs Self Hosted Blog
Niche Research & Selection
Domain & Hosting for Blog
Blog Installation using Self Hosted WordPress
Blog Customization & Branding
Blog Content Creation
Setting Up Social Media for Blog
Newsletter Subscription Setup
Blog Monetization Techniques
Different Ways to Earn from a Blog
SEO Strategy for Blog Promotion
Networking with Other Bloggers in Your Niche
Steps to Become a Popular Blogger
Must Have Tools & Plugins for Blog Management
Q&A Session to re-capture & clear doubts
Google AdSense

  • 4 Weeks 03 Assignments
What is Google AdSense Program?
How Google AdSense works?
Requirements to apply for Google AdSense
Creating Important Blog Pages for AdSense
Applying for Google AdSense
Getting AdSense Account Approval
AdSense Dashboard Features Overview
Payment Setting in AdSense
Google AdSense all Features Explanation
Creating First Ad Code for Blog
Code Implementation on Your Blog
Ads Optimization to increase Clicks & Earning
Understanding Auto Ads in AdSense
Ads Category Blocking & Allowing
Ads Dimension & Design in AdSense
Google AdSense Plugin to Manage Ads Code
Google AdSense Policy & Guidelines
Q&A Session to re-capture & clear doubts
Google Analytics

  • 3 Weeks 15 Assignments
What is Web Analytics?
Google Analytics Vs other Analytics Tools
Google Analytics Features Overview
Google Analytics Account Setup
Analytics Code Integration on Website/Blog
Measurements of Metrics & Data
Understanding Accounts, Profile & View
Analytics Report Sorting
Real Time Traffic Report Analysis
Understanding New Visitors Vs Returning Visitors
Audience Report Analysis
Traffic Behaviour Segmentation
Search, Paid & Social Traffic Filtration
eCommerce Traffic Segmentation
Remarketing Audience Segmentation
Custom View Setting
IP Filtration Setting
Goal and Conversion Reports
Intelligence Report & Bounce Rate
Google Analytics Reports & Action Plan
Q&A Session to re-capture & clear doubts
E-Commerce & Payment Gateway

  • 4 Weeks 04 Assignments
What is eCommerce?
eCommerce Plan & Requirements
Creating an eCommerce Website
eCommerce Website Settings (product & delivery etc)
eCommerce Themes, Plugins & CMS’s
Product, Category & Product Details Creation
Adding/Uploading Products on Website
eCommerce Website Promotion strategy
SEO for eCommerce Website
Products Remarketing, Cross Up/Down Selling
Understanding Coupon System
Product Review System (on your store)
Payment Gateway or eCommerce Site
Indian Payment Gateway Vs Global Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway Integration (PayPal / PayUMoney)
Security for eCommerce Website
Must have Extensions & Plugins
eCommerce Website Management Tools
Q&A Session to re-capture & clear doubts
YouTube & Video Marketing

  • 6 Weeks 05 Assignments
Why YouTube is important in DM?
YouTube Vs another Video Platform
YouTube Channel Plan & Creation
Creating YouTube Channel
Overview of Dashboard Features
Verifying YouTube Channel Authentication
Channel & Website/Blog Integration
Custom Channel URL Creation
Channel Art & Branding Design
Watermark Logo Setting
Featured Content Settings
Channel Main Trailer Setting
Uploading Videos on YouTube
Individual Video Settings
Playlist Creation
Video Privacy Settings
Understanding YouTube Algorithms
Promotion of Your Videos & Channel
SEO & Meta Data for YouTube Videos
Understanding Video Ranking Factors
YouTube Monetization for Earning
Applying Google AdSense for YouTube
Different Ways to Earn from YouTube
Understanding YouTube RED
Understanding YouTube Creator Library
Tools to increase Subscriber, Traffic, Engagement & Video Rank
Q&A Session to re-capture & clear doubts
ORM Online Reputation

  • 4 Weeks 04 Assignments
Introduction to ORM - Online Reputation
Why is Online Reputation Matters?
Online Reputation Vs Offline Reputation
ORM for Individual Vs Business How to use Social Media for Online Reputation
Best Practice for Building Online Presence
PR, News & Online Media for Online Reputation
Reputation Building Online
Managing Your Reputation
Bad Reputation Recovery Process
Identifying the types of Reputation Risk
Best Way to embrace online negativity & criticism
Dealing with Negative Customer Reviews
Tools & Worksheet for Reputation Management
Question -Answer session to clear doubts and recapture everything
Email Marketing

  • 4 Weeks 04 Assignments
What is Email Marketing?
Commercial email Vs Business email
Understanding Permission Based Email Marketing
Single Opt in Mail Vs Double Opt in Mail
Extracting & Collecting Email Data
Subscriber Opt In & Opt Out Option Integration on Site
Email Marketing Server Setup Process
Email Marketing Service Provider ESP’s
Amazon SES Email Marketing Service
Designing Email Marketing Campaign
Email Copywriting Best Practice
Sending and Analysing Campaigns Report
Handling Response from Email Campaigns
Understanding SPF, DKIM, IP Blacklisting/Whitelisting
Email Marketing CAN-SPAM Law
SPAM Folder Delivery Factors & How to Avoid?
Tools, Templates & Worksheet for Email Marketing
Question-Answer session to clear doubts & re-capture everything
Google Webmaster Tools

  • 4 Weeks 04 Assignments
What is Google Search Console? (formerly google webmaster tool)
Features & Advantage of Using Search Console
Setting Up Google Search Console Account
Adding & Managing Property (websites & app)
Website Ownership Verification code Integration
Language & Location Targeting Setting
Sitemap & Robots .Txt Testing and Submission
Search Traffic, Keywords, Rank Position Analysis
External & Internal Links Analysis
Google Index Status Analysis
Managing Crawling Errors & Issues
Website Security Issues
Website Spam & Hacking Issues Analysis
Using Structured Data Mark-up Tool
Using Multiple Sites in Webmaster
Question -Answer session to clear doubts and recapture everything learned.
Lead Generation

  • 3 Weeks 03 Assignments
What is Lead Generation?
Lead Generation Plan & Strategy
Different Source of Lead Generation Analysis
Why Your Website is Not Generating Leads (Analysis)
Effective Copywriting to Increase Leads
Effective Landing Page Strategy
Creating Effective Lead Generation Campaigns
Free & Paid Lead Generation Campaigns Sources
Tools, Plugins & Landing Page Creation Tools
Lead Funnel & Lead Warm Up Process
Leads & Contact List Management
Client Relationship Management Software
Webhooks & Connectors to stop Leads Leakage
Lead Generation & Management Automation
Strategy, Worksheet & Checklist for lead Generation
Question-Answer to recapture everything you have learned
What is Google My Business

  • 3 Weeks 03 Assignments
Google My Business Impact on Ranking
Understanding Google Local Results
Setting Up Google My Business Listing
Business Listing Verification
Business Profile Completion
Dashboard all Features Overview
Managing Business Reviews, Traffic & Response
Google My Business Insights
Dealing with Negative Reviews
Google Local Business ranking Factors
Improving Google My Business rank
Understanding Google My Business Policy & Rules
Question-Answer session to recapture everything you have learned
Content Marketing

  • 3 Weeks 03 Assignments
What is Content Marketing?
Types of Content Marketing
Understanding Why Content is Still King?
Content Creation & Curation Tools
Infographic Creation Tools
Video Content Creation
Content Writing & Paraphrasing Tools
Publicizing Content Properly
Content Promotion Tools & Strategy
Content Monetization
Understanding PLR, MRM Content
Content Management Tools
Content Marketing & Automation Tools
Hashtag Viral Marketing

  • 2 Weeks 02 Assignments
How to use Hashtags for your business
Find hashtags related to the main key-board
Research Trending Hashtag
Hashtags on Facebook & Twitter to generate traffic
Track your Hashtag impact
Speed it up- tools to detect hashtag strength
Track your Hashtag impact
Freelance Push up

  • 3 Weeks 03 Assignments
What is Freelancing / Freelancer?
Required Skill & Tools to Start Freelancing
Creating Authority as Freelancer
Finding & Managing Clients
Business Proposal, Invoice & other Templates
Marketing Strategy for Freelancer
Building a Virtual Team
Tools & Worksheet to be Ahead
Scaling Your Freelance Business to Start-up
Legal Docs, Types of Company & Expenses Required
(I will share my strategy - how I had started as a blogger > freelancer > start-up without money)
Question-Answer session to clear doubts and re-capture everything.
WhatsApp Digital Marketing

  • Weeks 06 Assignments
WhatsApp marketing for business
Communicate better using texts, images audio, videos
Increase audience engagement
Reinforce credibility by providing immediate customer support
Build long-term relationships & create loyal brand advocates
SMS & Bulk Voice Campaign

  • 1 Weeks 05 Assignments
SMS and Bulk Voice for Business
SMS and Bulk Voice Dashboard Overview
Campaign Composing
Benefits of SMS & Bulk Voice Campaign
What is Drop-shipping Business?

  • 3 Weeks 03 Assignments
Who can start drop shipping business to earn online?
Learn how the drop shipping business model works
Identifying Your Niche
Start with Shopify & Ali Express / Amazon
Creating Your own eCommerce Store
Finding a Product to Sell and Supplier
Product API Integration
Finding right Product in your niche
Finding a Product - Directories, Wholesalers and Google
Getting Your First Sale Order
Management & Promotion Tools
Scaleup Your Drop shipping Business
Question-Answer to recapture everything learned
Heat Map

  • 4 Hours 02 Assignments
What is a Heat map and its importance?
What is a scroll map and its importance?
Digital Designing

  • 3 Weeks 05 Assignments
What is Digital Designing?
Benefits of Digital Designs to Digital Marketing.
Graphics effectively communicate.
Visual representations of information.
Create your own graphic for clients and social media. In 2017 Graphics will rule
Graphics are more appealing then text.
Offline Designing tools.
Video Editing Tools.
GIF’s Creations
Icons Creating, Image Editing and More
Assignment – Based on Digital Marketing and Web Design

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