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PG Diploma in Web Technologies in Bangalore

    Responsive Websites Development, Interactive Website, Web UI, PHP, jQuery UI, Creative Tools, Icons & Image Creating, Image Editing, and More.
    Frontend Developer, Web Developer, WordPress Developer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, UI Designer, PHP Developer, JavaScript Developer, Responsive Web Developer, and More.
    Freshers, Professional Designers, Entrepreneurs, Branding Manager, Developers.
    Bachelor’s or Equivalent Degree & Master Degree.
Best Web Development Institute in Bangalore

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Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of classes, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

Introduction to Web Technologies

  • 1 Weeks 10 Assignments
Introduction to Mark-up Language
Structure of HTML
Head Section, Elements & Tags
Working with Body Section, Tags, Forms & Iframe
Post and Get Method
Relation between HTML Form & PHP
Creating Live website form
Introduction & Definition of XHTML
Difference between HTML & XHTML
Introduction and Definition of HTML5
HTML5 Semantic Tag
New Structure
HTML5 Multimedia
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS2 & CSS3)

  • 3 Weeks 30 Assignments
Introduction to Cascading Style Sheet
Type of Style Sheet
CSS Padding & Margins
CSS Links & Listing
CSS Properties
CSS Advance
CSS 2D & 3D Transforms
CSS Transitions
CSS Animation
CSS Buttons & Multiple Columns
CSS Responsive
Responsive Frameworks
Responsive Media Queries & Multimedia
CSS Grids

  • 4 Weeks 20 Assignments
Introduction to Client Side Scripting & Java Script
Java Script Types
Variables & Operators in JS
Conditions Statements
Java Script Loops
JS Popup Boxes, Events & Arrays
Working with Arrays
JS Objects & Functions
Using Java Script in Realtime
Validation of Forms
JQuery and JQuery UI

  • 4 Weeks 20 Assignments
Introduction to JQuery
JQuery Features
Installing JQuery
JQuery Syntax, Ready Function, JQuery Actions, & Custom Functionality
JQuery Libraries, Validation, Slideshow & Dropdown
JS Functions
JQuery UI
Working with JQuery UI
JQuery Accordions, Tabs, Tooltips & Autocomplete
Hosting First Website

  • 1 Weeks 10 Assignments
Web Hosting Basics
Types of Hosting Packages
Registering domains
Defining Name Servers
Using Control Panel
Creating Emails in Cpanel
Using FTP Client
Website Maintenance

  • 3 Weeks 20 Assignments
Introduction to Bootstrap
Bootstrap Setup
Basics of Bootstrap
Benefits of Bootstrap
Project using Bootstrap
Graphics Designing

  • 1 Weeks 15 Assignments
Introduction to Designing
Introduction about tools
Image Editing & Creating
Photoshop to HTML Conversion
Live Project

  • 2 Weeks 15 Assignments
Designing Professional Template using Designing Tools
Conversion of PSD to HTML
Creating Multiple pages as per the project requirement
Implementing Scripts
Adding Contact Forms, Validation using JS
Website Manual Testing
PHP MySQL web Developer

  • 4 Weeks 25 Assignments
PHP Introduction
Variables, Constants, Datatypes, Operators and Control Structures
Looping Statements
Arrays and Foreach Loop
PHP Functions
HTML Forms with PHP
Sessions in PHP
Blog Project Demo, PhpMyAdmin
Introduction to MySQL
Datatypes, Constraints
Select, Order by, Limit
Functions - Number, Date, Character, Control Flow
Joins, Group by, Having, Subquery, Indexing
Website Designing using CMS

  • 4 Weeks 15 Assignments
Basic Information of Websites
Basics of CMS
Use of WordPress CMS?
WordPress Installation
Understanding the Dashboard
SEO specific plugins
Web site Concepts
All about Domain names
Choosing a right hosting company and domain
Analysing the Website
Web site maintenance and management
Chat, Popup, Contact form & Email Subscription
Plugin Installation & Configuration (multiple)
WordPress Website Security
Backup & Restore of a Website
Final Website Design Project using WordPress
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • 3 Weeks 15 Assignments
Introduction to Search Engine & It’s Types
How Search Engine Works?
Understanding Search Algorithms
What is Search Engine Optimisation?
Website Indexing Search Engines
Google Webmasters Tools
Understanding Keywords & It’s Important
SEO Copy writing Techniques
On page & Off Page Optimisation
Link Building Strategies
Local SEO Optimisation
UI/UX – Optimisation
Website Structure Optimisation
Schema Data Implementation
404 Errors, Sitemap, Robot Txt
Technical SEO Optimisation
Black Hat & Grey Hat SEO Techniques
SEO Tools, Tricks & Strategies
Measuring SEO Performance & Reporting
Digital/Graphic Designing In depth

  • 4 Weeks 15 Assignments
What is Digital Designing?
Benefits of Digital Designs to Digital Marketing
Graphics effectively communicate
Visual representations of information
Create your own graphic for clients and social media. In 2017 Graphics will rule
Graphics are more appealing then text
Offline Designing tools
Video Editing Tools
GIF’s Creations
Icons Creating, Image Editing and More
Assignment – Based on Digital Marketing and Web Design

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